About MJP

Marquis J. Pullen is an incoming JD/LLM in Entrepreneurship candidate at the Duke University of School of Law, where he plans to take coursework in transactional law, start-up advisory, and public interest law. Marquis is professionally interested in gaining exposure to corporate law practice in a private firm setting that will also present meaningful and substantive opportunities to engage in pro bono initiatives.

Prior to Duke, Marquis worked at a global accounting firm in the Financial Services Group (“FS Tax”) and the Mergers and Acquisitions Group (“M&A Tax”). As a Senior Associate in FS Tax, Marquis was primarily tasked with collaborating with colleagues to help private equity, hedge fund, and other asset management clients remain compliant with U.S. federal income tax laws and regulations. In this capacity Marquis prepared and/or reviewed various state and federal income tax returns for investment partnerships along with the corresponding K-1 packages for the investors within the partnerships and any additionally required tax forms or disclosures.

At a Senior Associate in M&A Tax, Marquis worked on deals teams that were principally responsible for conducting buy-side tax due diligence for strategic and financial acquirers. During the diligence process, critical documents were evaluated (i.e. financial statements, tax returns, legal agreements, etc), and key risks and exposures were noted and communicated to the client in the form of diligence reports. Marquis also worked on tax consulting and research projects, including assessing the U.S. federal income tax law implications of executed or contemplated transactions including reorganizations, acquisitions, liquidations, and other restructurings.

Marquis is a federally-licensed Enrolled Agent and a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the State of North Carolina. Also, Marquis is a Level II Candidate in the Chartered Financial Analyst Program.

Marquis graduated from the Wake Forest University School of Business, where he studied management and accountancy. Marquis also has a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from Princeton University.